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White Diamonds
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The TIMEAPP jewel (covered by international registered patent) was born in Italy thanks to the creativity of its designers. Manufactured by expert Italian goldsmiths and gem-setters, TIMEAPP for Metal Bracelet (Luxury Line) is made of 9k gold (either white, yellow, rose or black) (*) and made of gemstones (**) (white diamonds, black diamonds).

The curved support that APP-lies to the link of the metal watch band can be either manufactured with steel for Oyster-type steel watch bands or with gold (yellow or rose) for gold Oyster-type watch bands.(***)

Last generation PVD processing, achieved through the deposition of thin ceramic films and thanks to fusion processes with highly specialized nanotechnologies, further embellish the TIMEAPP jewel and are being used to protect its most exposed components.

(*) 375/1000 gold

(**) (**) the approximative weight of each gemstone is 0,0075 carats.

(***) depending on the availability, the curved support could be made of enamelled steel, gold alloys or made of gold colour plated steel.

(****) all logos and trademarks are registered and property of their respective owners.

The jewel images are provided for illustrative purposes only.

Each TIMEAPP jewel is handmade and has therefore unique features.


White Diamonds, Black Diamonds